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ABSTRACT Is a distinctive design ideal for fun areas of the home and great for commercial application. ABSTRACT is beautifully made of 100% New Zealand wool on a Power Loom Wilton for years of performance. The width is 13'-1" and the pattern repeat is 21"width x 21" length. The standout presence of ABSTRACT is sure to give any room an exceptional touch. It can also be made into wonderful area rugs or used commercially. 

Design : ABS-B


Design : ASP-B

Atlas is inspired by gorgeous hand-crafted Moroccan rag-rugs. Maintaining the authentic texture of the nomadic craftsmanship combined with today's geometric styles and natural, understated color palette. Hand-knotted of 100% wool in India.  

Design : ATL-6

Bold and exciting colors and patterns allow trend-conscious customers to create their ultimate indoor/outdoor oasis. Baja thrives on simple graphic patterns with a refreshing twist of runway fashion and lively color palettes. Machine-made in Egypt of 100% polypropylene and approved for use outdoors. 

Design : BAJ-01

Inspired by Persian textiles and antique rugs, Belmont is traditional collection power-loomed of polypropylene, with machine finishing. Many designs feature a drop-stitch technique that adds texture and depth.   

Design : BE-04

Bliss is a collection of bold transitional and soft contemporary patterns in earthen tones, hand-tufted from the softest blend of polyester. It features hand-carving for added depth and texture.  

Design : BS-14

Inspired by bold ethnic textiles and the rich hues of Indian spices, the Boho Collection is truly a unique collection. Embellishing this mix of playful colors, designs incorporate a raised weaving effect of viscose accents.  

Design : BO-06

Bright fun colors give a modern twist to the traditional kilim patterns found in the Caravan Collection. Hand woven in India of 100% wool these rugs are reversible and durable.  

Design : CAR-04

Casa is a collection of transitional and bold contemporary patterns in bright colors, machine-made from the softest blend of polypropylene. It features exciting patterns that will be a statement piece for any space.  

Design : CAS-07

Using a splendid continuum of geometric patterns CHATEAU exudes a subtle power. It is constructed on an intricate, electronic tufting machine using fine New Zealand wool. The width of this carpet is 13'-1" and has a pattern repeat of 3" width x 3" length. CHATEAU's colors are rich and will enhance the beauty of any home. 

Design : CHA-B

CIRCLES is inspired by the simplicity of life with woven construction and richly hand carved accents made on a Power Loom on a Wilton machine using 100% New Zealand wool. This very pure contemporary pattern is created by hand carving by master craftsmen with 13'-1" width and pattern repeat of 31'-5"width x 66" length. CIRCLES design is a soft contemporary motif making a subtle, rich statement that compliments any room wall-to-wall or as stunning area rugs both residentially and commercially. 

Design : CIR-B

Breezy depictions and cool, ocean colors combine in the Coastal collection. Palm trees, seashells, and tropical fish make this hand-hooked collection a beachy must-have.  

Design : CC-04

CORDUROY is a beautiful sisal effect made by using a special wool blend yarn. The carpet is machine tufted in a multi-level linear stripe design. The width is 13'-1", the pattern repeat is 3/8"x 0" length on this carpet. CORDUROY is suitable for residential or commercial use and also makes stunning area rugs. 

Design : COR-B

COSMOS defies the constellations with its unique, very classic pattern. It is constructed on a Power Loom Wilton machine using the finest New Zealand wool. Then the design is intricately hand carved. The width is 13'-1" and pattern repeat is 33" width x 52"length. COSMOS is a brilliant addition to any room both commercial and residential. It also can be made into stunning area rugs. 

Design : COS-B

Luxury and style come to the forefront with COSMOPOLITAN. It is constructed on an intricate electronic tufting machine. Made of fine New Zealand wool in a 13'-1" width and a pattern repeat of ½" width x 2 ¾" length. The use of Tip Shearing creates a breathtaking, non-direction effect and look that is pure luxury. COSMOPOLITAN is suitable for your entire residence for years of performance. 

Design : COP-B

Reminiscent of the shag rugs of the 1970’s, Comfort Shag is a modern take on a classic. Hand-tufted of 100% mod-acrylic, these rugs feature a soft hand and a thick, rich pile.  

Design : CS-10

Contemporary designs in a rich color palette give Deco its edge. Power-loomed of 100% New Zealand wool, this collection features hand-serged edges and hand-carving for added depth.  

Design : DC-04

Made in the tradition of Gabbehs from the foothills of Iran, our Desert Gabbeh collection is hand-knotted in India of 100% wool, but given a modern twist with its warm color palette and designs.  

Design : DG-02

Delhi is exquisitely hand tufted and hand carved by master craftsmen. Made in India of 100% wool, the simplicity, elegance, and beauty of this fine collection is truly unique.  

Design : DL-52

Diamonds is a beautiful, multi-level, diamond, flatweave design. It is a dense loop pile. Perfect for any décor. It is available in 13'-1" width.  


DISTINCTIVE is truly distinctive. It is a combination of high-twist, heat set yarn and beautiful cut-pile wool yarn in a lengthwise, subtle stripe design. This carpet gives a quiet sophisticated touch to any home. DISTINCTIVE is a made in a 13'-2" width. The pattern repeat is 1" width x 0" length. This beautiful carpet is hand tufted by master craftsmen for years and years of beauty and high performance. It is perfect for any room or gorgeous as area rugs. 

Design : DIS-B

Downtown combines chic and casual living for a unique stylish look for every lifestyle. Hand-woven in India with a combination of wool and polyester shag, Downtown embraces the sexiness of city living at the same time embracing the comfort for your favorite room. 

Design : DT-01

Elegant damask, soft geometrics and abstract elements combine for a beautiful transitional collection. Dream is power-loomed of the softest polypropylene and features a drop-stitch technique which adds depth and texture. Machine-finished.  

Design : DR-04

DREAMLAND is a shimmering, pure elegant carpet. The design is a subtle tonal striped pattern in alternating wool and "art silk". This carpet is 13'-2" width with a pattern repeat of ¾"width x 0" length. It is beautiful handmade construction - so soft and elegant and will perform for many years. This exclusive Momeni carpet is unparalleled. 

Design : DRE-B

A collection of contemporary rugs with a high-low pile effect creating depth and texture that adds interest to each unique design. Bold color and nature inspired designs creates a playful collection. Hand-tufted in India of 100% wool.  

Design : DUN-05

Capturing all that is modern, Elements utilizes a brilliant color palette to enhance its contemporary edge. Power loomed of 100% New Zealand wool, each rug features a hand made finish consisting of hand-serged edges and hand-carving. It is this attention to detail that makes this collection truly unique. 

Design : EL-34

ENCHANTED is like no other multilevel loop Wilton ever made. The yarn is the finest denier 100% New Zealand wool ever produced. It has created a true lace needlepoint, gorgeous design. The carpet is perfect for the most discriminating buyer and the basis for a magnificent design scheme. The colors are breathtaking for any residence with width of 13'-1" and the pattern repeat is 12 ½" width x 12 ½ "length. It is perfect for any residential and most commercial installations. 

Design : ENC-B

Exquisite old world designs presented in monochromatic color stories, Encore suites the desires of the new traditionalists. Featuring a well-crafted one million point machine-made quality, Encore adds richness and warmth elevating any sophisticated environment. Made in Egypt, 100% polypropylene fibers. 

Design : EC-03

If you desire a stunning, high performance carpet, ESSEX is your choice. This subtle 100% wool small braided design is perfect for any furniture period. ESSEX is a smooth flat weave, hand loomed construction made 13'-2" wide and with a very small pattern repeat of 5/8" width x 1 ½" length. Being a true flat weave it may be installed DFA (direct floor application) over dense carpet cushion both residentially and commercially. 

Design : ESX-B

The unique feeling of the Sahara desert brought this hand carved beauty to life. Exotic is made on a Power Loom Wilton machine. EXOTIC is 13'-1" wide with a pattern repeat of 52" width x 39"length. This gorgeous design creates a warm environment suitable for any abode. It is perfect for residential, commercial of beautiful, custom area rugs over hardwood floors. 

Design : EXO-B

FLINDERS is like no other carpet in the world. It is a sophisticated cut/loop design made on special machine tufted equipment of solution dyed nylon. It is so soft and feels and looks like wool but performs like a "LION". Use in any area for years of beauty and performance. The width of Flinders is 12' and the pattern repeat is 11-2/3" width x 25 ½" length. This a stunning tree bark design for now and tomorrow in shades of the past. The tree-bark look was the rage years ago. 

Design : FLI-B

Inspired by its surroundings, Geo is a casual collection of hand-hooked rugs in bold floral and ethnic patterns. Made of 100% polyester.  

Design : GEO-06

The Ghazni collection is inspired by the finest wool like Heat Set Polypropylene from the Ghazni area in Afghanistan. With its rich traditional color palette, the Ghazni Collection fits into any traditional space bringing a feeling of warmth and sophistication.  

Design : GZ-05

Gramercy is collection of open-backed hand-loomed rugs which carry the look of higher-end hand-knotted pieces, with casual appeal. Earth and muted tones in simple designs give this collection its unique look. Hand-loomed in India of 100% wool.  

Design : GM-17

Habitat features a globally inspired blend of influences, from Ikat, Uzbek Suzani and indigenous craftsman styles. Hand-tufted by expert artisans that encompasses an organic texture and feel. Made of 80% Wool and 20% Polyester, featuring a hard twist construction, this exquisite collection embraces a fashion-forward color palette exhibiting ethnic and nomadic motifs. 

Design : HB-14

The smooth beautiful herringbone design is made of worsted wool and feels like silk. The dense construction is perfect for a DFA (direct floor application) or it can be installed wall-to-wall over a dense cushion both residentially and commercially. This carpet is 13'-2" wide. The pattern repeat is 2" width x1 ½" length. HEATHERLY is constructed on a hand loom by master craftsmen and is a true flat-weave carpet. The seams will show slightly, but who cares it is so beautiful for every décor. 

Design : HEA-B

Heavenly is made of 100% silky soft polyester and is an experience of comfort one will never forget. Hand-tufted in China, Heavenly combines trend-conscious designs and colors to create a unique collection of plush fashion for your floor.  

Design : HE-01

Inspired by the sleekest city loft, Hudson is loom-knotted of a rich blend of wool and viscose in a muted color palette, making it utterly urban chic.  

Design : HU-01

The Impressionist style of painting was influenced by nature, light and scenes from daily life; these rugs capture these elements in a hand-tufted construction that makes these pieces modern masterpieces. Impressions utilizes 100% wool in a warm color palette that evokes a landscape at sunset. Beautiful in its simplicity, this collection will become art for your floor. 

Design : IP-07

IRISH TWEED is the epitome of magnificent carpet. This luxurious carpet brings old world fashion to the forefront. It is ultra-thick, handmade of 100% New Zealand wool. The finish is a tip-sheared loop creating absolutely a breathtaking effect. The carpet has a touch of the beauty of Northern Ireland. The width of this carpet is 13'2" and has no pattern repeat. It is perfect for any gorgeous home or superb commercial installation. Irish Tweed is also beautiful for area rugs. 

Design : IRI-B

JARDIN is reminiscent of the romantic architectural styling of the early trellis. The delicate botanical element entices the sense of touch. It is constructed of 100% New Zealand wool and is an exquisitely hand carved, floral pattern. It is made on a Power Loom Wilton with a width of 13'-1" and a pattern repeat of 16.5" width x 16.5" length. JARDIN is the key to making any room irresistible. It is also gorgeous in area rugs. 

Design : JAR-B

If you are looking for an authentic true wool berber carpet with very slight color flecking to design your color scheme around, KERRY is it!!!! We designed KERRY for the person wishing a pure, refreshing, rich level loop carpet. KERRY is 13'-1" wide and has no pattern repeat. It is a special machine tufted construction for years of performance. The colorations are spectacular in KERRY. 

Design : KER-B

East meets west in this beautiful collection of hand-tufted wool rugs. Bold designs and contemporary colors enhance the Chinese characters and Asian elements featured in this group. Hand carving adds depth. Made of 100% wool.  

Design : KO-13

Geometric patterns, vibrant colors and chic simplicity all collaborate to make the flat-weave Dhurry collection, Laguna. Made in India of 100% wool, Laguna utilizes a vibrant color palette that plays off geometric patterns often found in paving stones, basket weaves and nature. 

Design : LG-01

LEAVES is drawn from the design and colors of nature. It is constructed of fine New Zealand wool and manufactured on a unique electronic tufting machine. The width of this carpet is 13'-1". The pattern repeat is 12" width x 9" length. LEAVES is a soft breath of sophistication for the entire home or beautiful in area rugs. 

Design : LEA-B

What happens when you blend a bit of nostalgia with a bit of today? You get a collection unlike any other…'Lil Mo Classic. Trains, whimsical bugs and a damask with a twist make this collection a must have. Hand-hooked of pure cotton, 'Lil Mo Classic features a cut-loop construction which gives the motifs a high/low effect and added texture. Just too cute! 

Design : LMI-6 TRELLIS

Forest critters, retro robots and mod flowers, oh my! Quirky motifs combine to put 'Lil Mo Whimsy in a class by itself. Hand-tufted of soft mod-acrylic, this collection features hand-carving for added texture and a vibrant color palette to make it as fun as it is unique. 


The ultra-hip elements are captured to make 'Lil Mo Hipster the ultimate 'tween collection. Comic book inspired waves, bold millifleur and edgy skaters adorn these hand-tufted mod-acrylic pieces. A funky use of color makes these the perfect complement to any up and coming hipster's décor! 

Design : LMT-14

Hand-tufted of brilliant polyester, Luster Shag features a fashionable color palette and the softest of hands.  

Design : LS-01

Inspired by the Southwest, African and Latin American cultures, Madagascar is on point with its vibrant color palette and edgy patterns. This collection is a natural response to bringing the popular globally influenced trend to the home fashion world. Hand-knotted in India with 100% New Zealand Wool.  

Design : MDG-03

The Maison Collection hand tufted designs are inspired by the beautiful lost arts of the 18th and 19th centuries; stone and plaster ornamentations, hand painted friezes and baroque ceilings. Exquisitely detailed designs, and a velvety, luxurious pile combine to make this a very special collection. 

Design : MA-08

Majestic is one of the most beautiful carpets ever created. It is 100% handmade by master craft personal. The fiber is the finest New Zealand Wool creating a very different rowed widthwise design called "Windswept Look". Majestic will perform fantastically and remain gorgeous throughout years of performance. The colors are breathtaking for the sophisticated buyer. Majestic is made for royalty but so affordable for a moderate cost. Majestic is 13'-1" wide with a small pattern repeat of 1 Sq.In.  

Design : MAJ-B

Inspired by tailored menswear fashion combined with casual living, Marquis presents varied stripes that coordinate beautifully with today's hottest trends and colors. Hand-loomed in India of 100% wool, these rugs are fully reversible for easy maintenance and care.  

Design : MRQ-01

Beautifully hand-woven flat-weave designs capture the natural colors of wool in the well-crafted Mesa collection. Each rug possesses the unique characteristic to be reversible, adding to the collections design versatility. Showcasing the many textures of natural wool, Mesa adds a sense of casual comfort and organic sensibility to any environment. Made in India using 100% wool. 

Design : MES-01

Metro features clean lines and geometric shapes for a distinctive contemporary look. Fresh and appealing, it is hand-loomed in India of 100% wool.  

Design : MT-20

MOJAVE is the perfect hand-loomed, flat-weave carpet made of 100% natural wool in a subtle small basket weave design. The colorations are absolutely breathtaking suitable for both homes and commercial use. It can be installed in a direct floor application (DFA) or over dense cushion wall to wall. Width of this carpet is 13'-2" and has no pattern repeat. MOJAVE is warm and gracious with a touch of elegance. Because it is a flat-weave, the seams will show slightly - but who cares, it is so chic. 

Design : MOJ-B

Mont Blanc is absolutely one of the finest values in handmade carpet ever constructed. The very subtle widthwise design is so refreshing yet so elegant. Mont Blanc is made of a blend of New Zealand Wool and British Wool for tremendous beauty and durability. The width is 13'- 2" and carefully made by master artists. There is no pattern repeat in this striking carpet and is designed for either very contemporary, traditional décor or even perfect for the casual cottage motif. 

Design : MON-B

Entrancing is the word that enters the mind upon viewing MIRAGE. This carpet is constructed in an exclusive Wilton process using New Zealand wool and Mod-Acrylic fibers. The width of this carpet is 13'-1". The pattern repeat is 15 ¾" width x 15 ¾" length. This unique pattern gives an ambiance unlike any other. Besides being outstanding in residential homes, it can also be used commercially. 

Design : MIR-BL

Hand-tufted by expert artisans using a special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools, these rugs have the softest of hands and a shine that is unsurpassed. Many New Wave designs feature hand carving for added depth and a Tibetan-like weave, mostly found in hand-knotted rugs, but expertly achieved in these hand-tufted pieces. 

Design : NW129

Elegant designs based on the works of William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement, Nouveau features a bold color palette and hand-finishing for added depth. Power-loomed of 100% New Zealand wool.  

Design : NV-01

Elegant and sophisticated, our Old World collection could have come directly from Rajah’s palace hundreds of years ago. Traditional designs with a contemporary use of color make these beautiful rugs a must. They are hand hooked in China of 100% wool.  

Design : OW-04

Pacific is without question one of the most magnificent carpets ever designed or produced. Pacific is hand crafted by artists who have created this very fine, very subtle lengthwise pattern. Pacific shimmers at night and glows in daylight because of its unique blend of Art Silk and Fine Woolen yarns like no other carpet ever made. Pacific is made in 13'-2" width for the discriminating, knowledgeable customer. 

Design : PAC-B

Traditional designs blend with modern colors to give the Palace collection its unique appeal. Hand-knotted of 100% wool, this collection has an extremely soft hand and a gently tea wash, giving it a truly antique feel.  

Design : PC-02

Patina is woven with the finest wools in a classic Oushak style. A soft, beautifully muted color palette combined with subtle distressing adds an updated, though authentic, look to the collection. Hand-knotted in India using 100% wool.  

Design : PT-02

Inspired by the rarest Persian Antique pieces, Persian Garden is a unique collection of power-loomed rugs that evoke a sense of the past in modern-day colors and interpretations. Made of 100% New Zealand wool, these rugs feature an abrash effect and hand-serged edges for a quality finish. 

Design : PG-16

Royal is an elegant collection of traditional designs in a power-loomed construction of soft polypropylene. Old world motifs adorn these densely plush pieces that will add a rich touch to any décor.  

Design : RY-04



As unique as it is striking, Sensations is an elegant group of transitional designs, all of which feature an exceptional over-tufting technique. Tufted of wool, each design is over-tufted with supple art-silk, further enhancing their beauty.  

Design : SEN-04

Shalimar features new interpretations of beautiful Peshawar rugs. Hand-knotted in India of 100% wool, each rug is luster washed giving these pieces a truly antique feel.  

Design : SL-07

Nature comes to the forefront as part of your design scheme when you feature STONES in your home. STONES is made on a Power Loom Wilton machine using 100% New Zealand wool. STONES is beautifully constructed and then delicately hand carved. The width is 13'-1" and a pattern repeat is 52" width x 39" length. STONES embodies the graceful power of a rolling brook, perfect for any room residentially or commercially and ideal for beautiful custom rugs. 

Design : STO-B

Inspired by its surroundings, Summit is a casual collection of hand-hooked rugs in bold floral and ethnic patterns. Made of 100% polyester.  

Design : SUM13

Gorgeous Uzbekistan Suzani textiles are executed with a fresh and cheerful update, modernized in today's fashion-forward color palette. The Suzani collection is inspired by decorative tribal embroidery that dates back to the 18th century . Made in China in a hand-hooked quality, using the finest wool. 

Design : SZI-01

Inspired by a rustic outdoor lifestyle, combined with the nomadic motifs of traditional Kazak patterns, Momeni presents the Tangier Collection. Made of 100% wool that has been hand-hooked and tip sheared and then washed to create a worn rugged feeling. Made in India. 

Design : TAN-07

Taos is a very unusual, hand loomed flatweave. The design is like no other carpet. Taos is a loop pile carpet in a maze of different colors blended together creating an absolutely beautiful effect. Taos is perfect for any décor. It is available 13'-2" wide by approximately 100' long. Everyone who views Taos is intrigued by its so subtle yet magnificent styling. It is made of 100% fine wool. 


Elegant traditional designs and subtle transitional motifs adorn these unique outdoor rugs. Hand-hooked of 100% polypropylene, Veranda is completely outdoor-friendly. With their EZ Care® system, you just hose them down and they will offer years of outdoor enjoyment. UV protected and mildew resistant.  

Design : VR-29

Meant to emulate the over-dyed and patchwork handknotted rugs that are so popular today, Vintage interprets this look in a power-loomed quality with hand-sheared finishing that gives each design the look of a distressed, antiqued piece. Made of 100% NZ Wool. Due to the hand sheering of this product and in order to enhance the beauty of this collection each piece may vary slightly. 

Design : VIN-01

Experience the eclectic Vista Collection, Machine-made of 100% Polypropylene with a hard-twist yarn gives each piece a slightly distressed worldly feeling. Made in Egypt, the Vista Collection is transitional styling in combination with an easy living color palette. 

Design : VA-02

The Vogue collection is made of soft viscose for lustrous sheen and rich texture. Featuring vibrant jewel-tones, these designs are modern interpretations of classics. Power loomed in Turkey.   

Design : VG-03

Influenced by the beautiful Haji Jalili designs of Tabriz, Zarin is an elegant collection of hand-tufted rugs in a high density construction. Warm tones and intricate designs combine to make these modern masterpieces. Hand-tufted of 100% wool.  

Design : ZR-03

Made to emulate popular one-of-a-kind chobi designs and silver-wash colors, Momeni presents the Ziegler Collection.   

Design : ZE-02

ZIG ZAG Wow!!!! What an unusual herringbone design this is. What fabulous colorations. It is 100% flat weave, hand loomed by master craftsmen. The colors in this carpet are made for today, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…… It can be used residentially or any commercial application recommend either DFA (direct floor application) or installation over dense carpet cushion for wall-to-wall with 13'2" wide and small pattern repeat of 1-3/4" width x 1-3/4" length.